Practice Exam  - Element 2:  "EXTRA  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2016

   E1A02 - 3
   1. When using a transceiver that displays the carrier frequency of phone signals, which of the following displayed frequencies represents the lowest frequency at which a properly adjusted LSB emission will be totally within the band?


   E1B11 - 0
   2. What is the permitted mean power of any spurious emission relative to the mean power of the fundamental emission from a station transmitter or external RF amplifier installed after January 1, 2003, and transmitting on a frequency below 30 MHZ?


   E1C02 - 0
    3. What is meant by automatic control of a station?


   E1D09 - 1
   4. Which amateur service UHF bands have frequencies available for a space station?


   E1E05 - 1
   5. What is the minimum passing score on amateur operator license examinations?


   E1F12 - 1
   6. Who may be the control operator of an auxiliary station?


   E2A01 - 2
   7. What is the direction of an ascending pass for an amateur satellite?

   E2B07 - 1
   8. What is the name of the signal component that carries color information in NTSC video?

   E2C12 - 1
   9. What might help to restore contact when DX signals become too weak to copy across an entire HF band a few hours after sunset?

   E2D09 - 3
   10. Under clear communications conditions, which of these digital communications modes has the fastest data throughput?

   E2E07 - 1
    11. What is the typical bandwidth of a properly modulated MFSK16 signal?

   E3A02 - 1
   12. What characterizes libration fading of an Earth-Moon-Earth signal?

   E3B02 - 2
   13. What is the approximate maximum range for signals using transequatorial propagation?

   E3C01 - 3
   14. Which of the following effects does Aurora activity have on radio communications?

   E4A09 - 0
   15. Which of the following describes a good method for measuring the intermodulation distortion of your own PSK signal?

   E4B11 - 3
   16. How should a portable antenna analyzer be connected when measuring antenna resonance and feed point impedance?

   E4C08 - 1
   17. How might lowering the noise figure affect receiver performance?

   E4D09 - 2
   18. What is the purpose of the preselector in a communications receiver?

   E4E12 - 0
   19. What is one disadvantage of using some types of automatic DSP notch-filters when attempting to copy CW signals?

   E5A16 - 3
   20. What is the resonant frequency of a parallel RLC circuit if R is 33 ohms, L is 50 microhenrys and C is 10 picofarads?

   E5B04 - 3
   21. What is the time constant of a circuit having two 220-microfarad capacitors and two 1-megohm resistors, all in parallel?

   E5C14 - 3
   22. What coordinate system is often used to display the phase angle of a circuit containing resistance, inductive and/or capacitive reactance?

   E5D12 - 1
   23. How many watts are consumed in a circuit having a power factor of 0.2 if the input is 100-V AC at 4 amperes?

   E6A11 - 0
   24. In Figure E6-2, what is the schematic symbol for a P-channel junction FET?

   E6B05 - 3
   25. What characteristic of a PIN diode makes it useful as an RF switch or attenuator?

   E6C04 - 1
   26. Which of the following is the primary advantage of tri-state logic?

   E6D06 - 3
   27. What core material property determines the inductance of a toroidal inductor?

   E6E08 - 0
   28. How is power-supply voltage normally furnished to the most common type of monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC)?

   E6F08 - 2
   29. Why are optoisolators often used in conjunction with solid state circuits when switching 120 VAC?

   E7A01 - 2
   30. Which of the following is a bistable circuit?

   E7B13 - 0
   31. In Figure E7-2, what is the purpose of R?

   E7C03 - 0
   32. What advantage does a Pi-L-network have over a Pi-network for impedance matching between the final amplifier of a vacuum-tube transmitter and an antenna?

   E7D07 - 0
   33. What is the purpose of C2 in the circuit shown in Figure E7-3?

   E7E03 - 2
   34. How does an analog phase modulator function?

   E7F11 - 2
   35. What is an advantage of a period-measuring frequency counter over a direct-count type?

   E7G04 - 2
   36. Which of the following is a type of capacitor best suited for use in high-stability op-amp RC active filter circuits?

   E7H01 - 3
   37. What are three oscillator circuits used in Amateur Radio equipment?

   E8A01 - 0
   38. What type of wave is made up of a sine wave plus all of its odd harmonics?

   E8B03 - 0
   39. What is the modulation index of an FM-phone signal having a maximum frequency deviation of 3000 Hz either side of the carrier frequency, when the modulating frequency is 1000 Hz?

   E8C05 - 2
   40. What is the necessary bandwidth of a 13-WPM international Morse code transmission?

   E8D09 - 1
   41. What is meant by circularly polarized electromagnetic waves?

   E9A04 - 0
   42. Why would one need to know the feed point impedance of an antenna?

   E9B08 - 0
   43. How can the approximate beamwidth in a given plane of a directional antenna be determined?

   E9C09 - 1
   44. What is the front-to-back ratio of the radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-2?

   E9D01 - 2
   45. How does the gain of an ideal parabolic dish antenna change when the operating frequency is doubled?

   E9E10 - 2
   46. Which of these choices is an effective way to match an antenna with a 100-ohm feed point impedance to a 50-ohm coaxial cable feed line?

   E9F04 - 1
   47. What is the typical velocity factor for a coaxial cable with solid polyethylene dielectric?

   E9G02 - 1
   48. What type of coordinate system is used in a Smith chart?

   E9H01 - 3
   49. What is the effective radiated power relative to a dipole of a repeater station with 150 watts transmitter power output, 2-dB feed line loss, 2.2-dB duplexer loss and 7-dBd antenna gain?

   E0A03 - 2
   50. Which of the following would be a practical way to estimate whether the RF fields produced by an amateur radio station are within permissible MPE limits?