Practice Exam  - Element 2:  "EXTRA  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2016

   E1A10 - 0
   1. If an amateur station is installed aboard a ship or aircraft, what condition must be met before the station is operated?


   E1B06 - 0
   2. Which of the following additional rules apply if you are installing an amateur station antenna at a site at or near a public use airport?


   E1C02 - 0
    3. What is meant by automatic control of a station?


   E1D06 - 0
   4. Which of the following special provisions must a space station incorporate in order to comply with space station requirements?


   E1E09 - 0
   5. What may be the penalty for a VE who fraudulently administers or certifies an examination?


   E1F14 - 0
   6. Under what circumstances might the FCC issue a 'Special Temporary Authority' (STA) to an amateur station?


   E2A13 - 1
   7. What type of satellite appears to stay in one position in the sky?

   E2B04 - 1
   8. What is blanking in a video signal?

   E2C09 - 3
   9. How does the spread-spectrum technique of frequency hopping work?

   E2D06 - 0
   10. Which of the following is a commonly used 2-meter APRS frequency?

   E2E08 - 1
    11. Which of the following HF digital modes can be used to transfer binary files?

   E3A03 - 0
   12. When scheduling EME contacts, which of these conditions will generally result in the least path loss?

   E3B10 - 1
   13. What is the cause of gray-line propagation?

   E3C06 - 0
   14. By how much does the VHF/UHF radio-path horizon distance exceed the geometric horizon?

   E4A08 - 3
   15. Which of the following instruments would be best for measuring the SWR of a beam antenna?

   E4B13 - 0
   16. How is the compensation of an oscilloscope probe typically adjusted?

   E4C14 - 3
   17. On which of the following frequencies might a signal be transmitting which is generating a spurious image signal in a receiver tuned to 14.300 MHz and which uses a 455 kHz IF frequency?

   E4D12 - 0
   18. What is the term for the reduction in receiver sensitivity caused by a strong signal near the received frequency?

   E4E13 - 3
   19. What might be the cause of a loud roaring or buzzing AC line interference that comes and goes at intervals?

   E5A11 - 2
   20. What is the half-power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit that has a resonant frequency of 7.1 MHz and a Q of 150?

   E5B10 - 0
   21. What is the relationship between the current through an inductor and the voltage across an inductor?

   E5C05 - 0
   22. In polar coordinates, what is the impedance of a network consisting of a 400-ohm-reactance inductor in parallel with a 300-ohm resistor?

   E5D07 - 3
   23. What determines the strength of a magnetic field around a conductor?

   E6A01 - 2
   24. In what application is gallium arsenide used as a semiconductor material in preference to germanium or silicon?

   E6B06 - 3
   25. Which of the following is a common use of a hot-carrier diode?

   E6C12 - 3
   26. What is BiCMOS logic?

   E6D13 - 3
   27. What type of CRT deflection is better when high-frequency waveforms are to be displayed on the screen?

   E6E08 - 0
   28. How is power-supply voltage normally furnished to the most common type of monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC)?

   E6F09 - 3
   29. What is the efficiency of a photovoltaic cell?

   E7A08 - 0
   30. What logical operation does an OR gate perform?

   E7B06 - 1
   31. Which of the following amplifier types reduces or eliminates even-order harmonics?

   E7C05 - 3
   32. Which filter type is described as having ripple in the passband and a sharp cutoff?

   E7D13 - 1
   33. What is the purpose of D1 in the circuit shown in Figure E7-3?

   E7E07 - 1
   34. What is meant by the term baseband in radio communications?

   E7F08 - 2
   35. Which of the following is performed by a frequency counter?

   E7G13 - 2
   36. What is meant by the term op-amp input-offset voltage?

   E7H17 - 2
   37. Why is a phase-locked loop often used as part of a variable frequency synthesizer for receivers and transmitters?

   E8A07 - 1
   38. What determines the PEP-to-average power ratio of a single-sideband phone signal?

   E8B06 - 0
   39. What is the deviation ratio of an FM-phone signal having a maximum frequency swing of plus or minus 7.5 kHz when the maximum modulation frequency is 3.5 kHz?

   E8C04 - 2
   40. What technique is used to minimize the bandwidth requirements of a PSK31 signal?

   E8D03 - 0
   41. What input-amplitude parameter is valuable in evaluating the signal-handling capability of a Class A amplifier?

   E9A03 - 3
   42. Which of the following antennas has no gain in any direction?

   E9B01 - 1
   43. In the antenna radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-1, what is the 3-dB beamwidth?

   E9C07 - 0
   44. What type of antenna pattern over real ground is shown in Figure E9-2?

   E9D09 - 3
   45. What is an advantage of using top loading in a shortened HF vertical antenna?

   E9E10 - 2
   46. Which of these choices is an effective way to match an antenna with a 100-ohm feed point impedance to a 50-ohm coaxial cable feed line?

   E9F04 - 1
   47. What is the typical velocity factor for a coaxial cable with solid polyethylene dielectric?

   E9G03 - 2
   48. Which of the following is often determined using a Smith chart?

   E9H07 - 3
   49. Why is it advisable to use an RF attenuator on a receiver being used for direction finding?

   E0A01 - 2
   50. What, if any, are the differences between the radiation produced by radioactive materials and the electromagnetic energy radiated by an antenna?