Practice Exam  - Element 2:  "EXTRA  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2016

   E1A12 - 2
   1. With your transceiver displaying the carrier frequency of CW signals, you hear a DX station's CQ on 3.500 MHz. Is it legal to return the call using CW on the same frequency?


   E1B05 - 3
   2. What is the maximum bandwidth for a data emission on 60 meters?


   E1C01 - 3
    3. What is a remotely controlled station?


   E1D08 - 3
   4. Which VHF amateur service bands have frequencies available for space stations?


   E1E11 - 1
   5. What must the VE team do if an examinee scores a passing grade on all examination elements needed for an upgrade or new license?


   E1F11 - 3
   6. Which of the following best describes one of the standards that must be met by an external RF power amplifier if it is to qualify for a grant of FCC certification?


   E2A04 - 1
   7. What is meant by the term mode as applied to an amateur radio satellite?

   E2B17 - 1
   8. What is the approximate bandwidth of a slow-scan TV signal?

   E2C01 - 0
   9. Which of the following is true about contest operating?

   E2D05 - 1
   10. Which of the following techniques is normally used by low Earth orbiting digital satellites to relay messages around the world?

   E2E02 - 0
    11. What do the letters FEC mean as they relate to digital operation?

   E3A01 - 3
   12. What is the approximate maximum separation measured along the surface of the Earth between two stations communicating by Moon bounce?

   E3B06 - 1
   13. Which of the following amateur bands most frequently provides long-path propagation?

   E3C02 - 2
   14. What is the cause of Aurora activity?

   E4A08 - 3
   15. Which of the following instruments would be best for measuring the SWR of a beam antenna?

   E4B02 - 2
   16. What is an advantage of using a bridge circuit to measure impedance?

   E4C15 - 3
   17. What is the primary source of noise that can be heard from an HF receiver with an antenna connected?

   E4D02 - 0
   18. Which of the following describes two problems caused by poor dynamic range in a communications receiver?

   E4E13 - 3
   19. What might be the cause of a loud roaring or buzzing AC line interference that comes and goes at intervals?

   E5A06 - 1
   20. What is the magnitude of the circulating current within the components of a parallel LC circuit at resonance?

   E5B04 - 3
   21. What is the time constant of a circuit having two 220-microfarad capacitors and two 1-megohm resistors, all in parallel?

   E5C22 - 0
   22. In rectangular coordinates, what is the impedance of a network consisting of a 10-microhenry inductor in series with a 40-ohm resistor at 500 MHz?

   E5D11 - 2
   23. What is the power factor of an R-L circuit having a 60 degree phase angle between the voltage and the current?

   E6A15 - 1
   24. Which of the following semiconductor materials contains an excess of holes in the outer shell of electrons?

   E6B04 - 0
   25. What type of semiconductor device is designed for use as a voltage-controlled capacitor?

   E6C04 - 1
   26. Which of the following is the primary advantage of tri-state logic?

   E6D13 - 3
   27. What type of CRT deflection is better when high-frequency waveforms are to be displayed on the screen?

   E6E12 - 1
   28. What is a 'Jones filter' as used as part of a HF receiver IF stage?

   E6F10 - 1
   29. What is the most common type of photovoltaic cell used for electrical power generation?

   E7A14 - 0
   30. What is a JK flip-flop?

   E7B21 - 0
   31. Which of the following devices is generally best suited for UHF or microwave power amplifier applications?

   E7C04 - 2
   32. How does an impedance-matching circuit transform a complex impedance to a resistive impedance?

   E7D15 - 3
   33. What is the purpose of a 'step-start' circuit in a high-voltage power supply?

   E7E07 - 1
   34. What is meant by the term baseband in radio communications?

   E7F07 - 0
   35. What determines the accuracy of a frequency counter?

   E7G01 - 1
   36. What primarily determines the gain and frequency characteristics of an op-amp RC active filter?

   E7H17 - 2
   37. Why is a phase-locked loop often used as part of a variable frequency synthesizer for receivers and transmitters?

   E8A10 - 1
   38. Which of the following is a distinguishing characteristic of a pulse waveform?

   E8B04 - 1
   39. What is the modulation index of an FM-phone signal having a maximum carrier deviation of plus or minus 6 kHz when modulated with a 2-kHz modulating frequency?

   E8C03 - 2
   40. What is one advantage of using the ASCII code for data communications?

   E8D12 - 3
   41. What is the peak voltage of a sinusoidal waveform if an RMS-reading voltmeter reads 34 volts?

   E9A08 - 0
   42. What is meant by antenna gain?

   E9B03 - 1
   43. In the antenna radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-1, what is the front-to-side ratio?

   E9C05 - 2
   44. What are the disadvantages of a terminated rhombic antenna for the HF bands?

   E9D04 - 0
   45. Why is it desirable for a ground-mounted satellite communications antenna system to be able to move in both azimuth and elevation?

   E9E05 - 0
   46. How must the driven element in a 3-element Yagi be tuned to use a hairpin matching system?

   E9F07 - 0
   47. How does ladder line compare to small-diameter coaxial cable such as RG-58 at 50 MHz?

   E9G09 - 0
   48. What third family of circles is often added to a Smith chart during the process of solving problems?

   E9H01 - 3
   49. What is the effective radiated power relative to a dipole of a repeater station with 150 watts transmitter power output, 2-dB feed line loss, 2.2-dB duplexer loss and 7-dBd antenna gain?

   E0A03 - 2
   50. Which of the following would be a practical way to estimate whether the RF fields produced by an amateur radio station are within permissible MPE limits?