Practice Exam  - Element 3:  "GENERAL  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2015

   G1A12 - 1
   1. When General Class licensees are not permitted to use the entire voice portion of a particular band, which portion of the voice segment is generally available to them?


   G1B06 - 1
   2. When is an amateur station permitted to transmit secret codes?


   G1C05 - 2
    3. Which of the following is a limitation on transmitter power on the 28 MHz band?


   G1D03 - 2
   4. On which of the following band segments may you operate if you are a Technician Class operator and have a CSCE for General Class privileges?


   G1E03 - 1
   5. In what ITU region is operation in the 7.175 to 7.300 MHz band permitted for a control operator holding an FCC-issued General Class license?


   G2A06 - 1
   6. Which of the following is an advantage when using single sideband as compared to other analog voice modes on the HF amateur bands?


   G2B11 - 0
   7. What frequency should be used to send a distress call?

   G2C01 - 3
   8. Which of the following describes full break-in telegraphy (QSK)?

   G2D04 - 1
   9. Which of the following describes an azimuthal projection map?

   G2E06 - 1
   10. What is the most common frequency shift for RTTY emissions in the amateur HF bands?

   G3A07 - 3
    11. At what point in the solar cycle does the 20 meter band usually support worldwide propagation during daylight hours?

   G3B10 - 1
   12. What is the approximate maximum distance along the Earth's surface that is normally covered in one hop using the E region?

   G3C08 - 0
   13. Why are HF scatter signals in the skip zone usually weak?

   G4A05 - 2
   14. What is a purpose of using Automatic Level Control (ALC) with a RF power amplifier?

   G4B12 - 1
   15. What problem can occur when making measurements on an antenna system with an antenna analyzer?

   G4C11 - 1
   16. Which of the following is one use for a Digital Signal Processor in an amateur station?

   G4D08 - 2
   17. What frequency range is occupied by a 3 kHz LSB signal when the displayed carrier frequency is set to 7.178 MHz?

   G4E10 - 1
   18. What is the reason a series diode is connected between a solar panel and a storage battery that is being charged by the panel?

   G5A12 - 1
   19. What is one reason to use an impedance matching transformer?

   G5B10 - 2
   20. What percentage of power loss would result from a transmission line loss of 1 dB?

   G5C06 - 2
   21. What is the RMS voltage across a 500-turn secondary winding in a transformer if the 2250-turn primary is connected to 120 VAC?

   G6A13 - 1
   22. What is an effect of inter-turn capacitance in an inductor?

   G6B09 - 1
   23. Which of the following describes the construction of a MOSFET?

   G6C01 - 3
   24. Which of the following is an analog integrated circuit?

   G7A06 - 3
   25. What portion of the AC cycle is converted to DC by a full-wave rectifier?

   G7B08 - 1
   26. How is the efficiency of an RF power amplifier determined?

   G7C06 - 1
   27. What should be the impedance of a low-pass filter as compared to the impedance of the transmission line into which it is inserted?

   G8A06 - 2
   28. What is one advantage of carrier suppression in a single-sideband phone transmission?

   G8B08 - 1
   29. Why is it important to know the duty cycle of the data mode you are using when transmitting?

   G9A12 - 0
   30. What would be the SWR if you feed a vertical antenna that has a 25-ohm feed-point impedance with 50-ohm coaxial cable?

   G9B02 - 3
   31. What is an advantage of downward sloping radials on a quarter wave ground-plane antenna?

   G9C18 - 0
   32. What happens when the feed point of a quad antenna is changed from the center of either horizontal wire to the center of either vertical wire?

   G9D08 - 1
   33. Why is a Beverage antenna not used for transmitting?

   G0A12 - 1
   34. What precaution should you take whenever you make adjustments or repairs to an antenna?

   G0B13 - 0
   35. What must you do when powering your house from an emergency generator?