Practice Exam  - Element 3:  "GENERAL  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2015

   G1A06 - 3
   1. Which of the following frequencies is in the 12 meter band?


   G1B01 - 2
   2. What is the maximum height above ground to which an antenna structure may be erected without requiring notification to the FAA and registration with the FCC, provided it is not at or near a public use airport?


   G1C07 - 3
    3. What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmission on the 20 meter band?


   G1D05 - 3
   4. Which of the following is sufficient for you to be an administering VE for a Technician Class operator license examination?


   G1E06 - 0
   5. Which of the following applies in the event of interference between a coordinated repeater and an uncoordinated repeater?


   G2A02 - 1
   6. Which of the following modes is most commonly used for voice communications on the 160, 75, and 40 meter bands?


   G2B04 - 1
   7. When selecting a CW transmitting frequency, what minimum frequency separation should you allow in order to minimize interference to stations on adjacent frequencies?

   G2C01 - 3
   8. Which of the following describes full break-in telegraphy (QSK)?

   G2D07 - 0
   9. Which of the following is required by the FCC rules when operating in the 60 meter band?

   G2E05 - 2
   10. Which of the following describes Baudot code?

   G3A02 - 1
    11. What effect does a Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance have on the daytime ionospheric propagation of HF radio waves?

   G3B02 - 0
   12. Which of the following is a good indicator of the possibility of sky-wave propagation on the 6 meter band?

   G3C02 - 0
   13. Where on the Earth do ionospheric layers reach their maximum height?

   G4A10 - 1
   14. What is the purpose of an electronic keyer?

   G4B08 - 0
   15. Which of the following instruments may be used to monitor relative RF output when making antenna and transmitter adjustments?

   G4C05 - 3
   16. What might be the problem if you receive an RF burn when touching your equipment while transmitting on an HF band, assuming the equipment is connected to a ground rod?

   G4D10 - 0
   17. How close to the lower edge of the 40 meter General Class phone segment should your displayed carrier frequency be when using 3 kHz wide LSB?

   G4E07 - 3
   18. Which of the following is the most likely to cause interfering signals to be heard in the receiver of an HF mobile installation in a recent model vehicle?

   G5A12 - 1
   19. What is one reason to use an impedance matching transformer?

   G5B09 - 1
   20. What is the RMS voltage of a sine wave with a value of 17 volts peak?

   G5C10 - 2
   21. What is the inductance of three 10 millihenry inductors connected in parallel?

   G6A09 - 3
   22. What is an advantage of using a ferrite core toroidal inductor?

   G6B10 - 0
   23. Which element of a triode vacuum tube is used to regulate the flow of electrons between cathode and plate?

   G6C16 - 0
   24. Which of the following describes a type-N connector?

   G7A04 - 3
   25. What is the peak-inverse-voltage across the rectifier in a half-wave power supply?

   G7B12 - 3
   26. Which of these classes of amplifiers has the highest efficiency?

   G7C02 - 3
   27. Which circuit is used to combine signals from the carrier oscillator and speech amplifier and send the result to the filter in a typical single-sideband phone transmitter?

   G8A01 - 3
   28. What is the name of the process that changes the envelope of an RF wave to carry information?

   G8B07 - 1
   29. What is the frequency deviation for a 12.21-MHz reactance-modulated oscillator in a 5-kHz deviation, 146.52-MHz FM-phone transmitter?

   G9A02 - 1
   30. What are the typical characteristic impedances of coaxial cables used for antenna feed lines at amateur stations?

   G9B03 - 1
   31. What happens to the feed-point impedance of a ground-plane antenna when its radials are changed from horizontal to downward-sloping?

   G9C06 - 2
   32. Which of the following is a reason why a Yagi antenna is often used for radio communications on the 20 meter band?

   G9D04 - 0
   33. What is the primary purpose of antenna traps?

   G0A03 - 3
   34. How can you determine that your station complies with FCC RF exposure regulations?

   G0B14 - 2
   35. Which of the following is covered by the National Electrical Code?