Practice Exam  - Element 2:  "TECHNICIAN  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2014

   T1A01 - 3
   1. For whom is the Amateur Radio Service intended?


   T1B03 - 1
   2. Which frequency is within the 6 meter band?


   T1C07 - 1
    3. What may result when correspondence from the FCC is returned as undeliverable because the grantee failed to provide the correct mailing address?


   T1D08 - 1
   4. When may the control operator of an amateur station receive compensation for operating the station?


   T1E07 - 3
   5. When the control operator is not the station licensee, who is responsible for the proper operation of the station?


   T1F03 - 3
   6. When is an amateur station required to transmit its assigned call sign?


   T2A07 - 3
   7. Which of the following is true when making a test transmission?

   T2B04 - 3
   8. Which of the following common problems might cause you to be able to hear but not access a repeater even when transmitting with the proper offset?

   T2C07 - 2
   9. What should you do to minimize disruptions to an emergency traffic net once you have checked in?

   T3A09 - 1
   10. Which of the following is a common effect of 'skip' reflections between the Earth and the ionosphere?

   T3B06 - 3
    11. What is the formula for converting frequency to wavelength in meters?

   T3C01 - 2
   12. Why are 'direct' (not via a repeater) UHF signals rarely heard from stations outside your local coverage area?

   T4A11 - 0
   13. Where should a mobile transceiver’s power negative connection be made?

   T4B04 - 1
   14. What is a way to enable quick access to a favorite frequency on your transceiver?

   T5A03 - 3
   15. What is the name for the flow of electrons in an electric circuit?

   T5B02 - 0
   16. What is another way to specify a radio signal frequency of 1,500,000 hertz?

   T5C02 - 0
   17. What is the basic unit of capacitance?

   T5D10 - 0
   18. What is the voltage across a 2-ohm resistor if a current of 0.5 amperes flows through it?

   T6A11 - 1
   19. Which battery type is not rechargeable?

   T6B11 - 1
   20. Which semiconductor component has a gate electrode?

   T6C06 - 1
   21. What is component 6 in figure T2?

   T6D05 - 0
   22. What type of circuit controls the amount of voltage from a power supply?

   T7A01 - 2
   23. What is the function of a product detector?

   T7B10 - 3
   24. What might be the problem if you receive a report that your audio signal through the repeater is distorted or unintelligible?

   T7C02 - 1
   25. Which of the following instruments can be used to determine if an antenna is resonant at the desired operating frequency?

   T7D06 - 2
   26. Which of the following might damage a multimeter?

   T8A09 - 2
   27. What is the approximate bandwidth of a VHF repeater FM phone signal?

   T8B03 - 0
   28. Which of the following can be done using an amateur radio satellite?

   T8C05 - 0
   29. What is a grid locator?

   T8D07 - 3
   30. What is PSK31?

   T9A04 - 0
   31. What is a disadvantage of the 'rubber duck' antenna supplied with most handheld radio transceivers?

   T9B01 - 1
   32. Why is it important to have a low SWR in an antenna system that uses coaxial cable feedline?

   T0A11 - 2
   33. Which of the following is good practice when installing ground wires on a tower for lightning protection?

   T0B11 - 1
   34. Which of the following establishes grounding requirements for an amateur radio tower or antenna?

   T0C04 - 3
   35. What factors affect the RF exposure of people near an amateur station antenna?