Practice Exam  - Element 2:  "TECHNICIAN  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2014

   T1A07 - 2
   1. What is the FCC Part 97 definition of telemetry?


   T1B02 - 1
   2. North American amateur stations are located in which ITU region?


   T1C06 - 3
    3. From which of the following may an FCC-licensed amateur station transmit, in addition to places where the FCC regulates communications?


   T1D04 - 0
   4. What is the only time an amateur station is authorized to transmit music?


   T1E04 - 3
   5. What determines the transmitting privileges of an amateur station?


   T1F04 - 2
   6. Which of the following is an acceptable language for use for station identification when operating in a phone sub-band?


   T2A04 - 1
   7. What is an appropriate way to call another station on a repeater if you know the other station's call sign?

   T2B10 - 0
   8. What is the 'Q' signal used to indicate that you are receiving interference from other stations?

   T2C08 - 0
   9. What is usually considered to be the most important job of an amateur operator when handling emergency traffic messages?

   T3A10 - 3
   10. What may occur if VHF or UHF data signals propagate over multiple paths?

   T3B03 - 2
    11. What are the two components of a radio wave?

   T3C09 - 0
   12. What is generally the best time for long-distance 10 meter band propagation?

   T4A10 - 1
   13. What is the source of a high-pitched whine that varies with engine speed in a mobile transceiver’s receive audio?

   T4B03 - 3
   14. What is the purpose of the squelch control on a transceiver?

   T5A10 - 2
   15. Which term describes the rate at which electrical energy is used?

   T5B06 - 2
   16. If an ammeter calibrated in amperes is used to measure a 3000-milliampere current, what reading would it show?

   T5C05 - 0
   17. What is the unit of frequency?

   T5D01 - 1
   18. What formula is used to calculate current in a circuit?

   T6A09 - 0
   19. What electrical component is used to protect other circuit components from current overloads?

   T6B10 - 0
   20. Which semiconductor component has an emitter electrode?

   T6C07 - 3
   21. What is component 8 in figure T2?

   T6D04 - 2
   22. Which of the following can be used to display signal strength on a numeric scale?

   T7A02 - 2
   23. What type of receiver is shown in Figure T6?

   T7B04 - 1
   24. What is the most likely cause of interference to a non-cordless telephone from a nearby transmitter?

   T7C08 - 3
   25. What instrument other than an SWR meter could you use to determine if a feedline and antenna are properly matched?

   T7D03 - 0
   26. How is an ammeter usually connected to a circuit?

   T8A07 - 2
   27. What is the primary advantage of single sideband over FM for voice transmissions?

   T8B09 - 1
   28. What causes 'spin fading' when referring to satellite signals?

   T8C02 - 1
   29. Which of these items would be useful for a hidden transmitter hunt?

   T8D02 - 0
   30. What does the term APRS mean?

   T9A11 - 2
   31. What is meant by the gain of an antenna?

   T9B04 - 0
   32. What does an antenna tuner do?

   T0A05 - 2
   33. Why is it unwise to install a 20-ampere fuse in the place of a 5-ampere fuse?

   T0A13 - 0
   34. What safety equipment should always be included in home-built equipment that is powered from 120V AC power circuits?

   T0C05 - 3
   35. Why do exposure limits vary with frequency?