Practice Exam  - Element 2:  "TECHNICIAN  CLASS"

Expires June 30, 2014

   T1A05 - 3
   1. What is the FCC Part 97 definition of a space station?


   T1B11 - 0
   2. What emission modes are permitted in the mode-restricted sub-bands at 50.0 to 50.1 MHz and 144.0 to 144.1 MHz?


   T1C01 - 2
    3. Which type of call sign has a single letter in both the prefix and suffix?


   T1D05 - 0
   4. When may amateur radio operators use their stations to notify other amateurs of the availability of equipment for sale or trade?


   T1E06 - 1
   5. Under which of the following types of control is it permissible for the control operator to be at a location other than the control point?


   T1F05 - 1
   6. What method of call sign identification is required for a station transmitting phone signals?


   T2A08 - 3
   7. What is the meaning of the procedural signal 'CQ?'

   T2B08 - 1
   8. What is the proper course of action if your station’s transmission unintentionally interferes with another station?

   T2C04 - 3
   9. What do RACES and ARES have in common?

   T3A06 - 1
   10. What term is commonly used to describe the rapid fluttering sound sometimes heard from mobile stations that are moving while transmitting?

   T3B06 - 3
    11. What is the formula for converting frequency to wavelength in meters?

   T3C06 - 0
   12. What mode is responsible for allowing over-the-horizon VHF and UHF communications to ranges of approximately 300 miles on a regular basis?

   T4A03 - 0
   13. Which is a good reason to use a regulated power supply for communications equipment?

   T4B10 - 0
   14. Which of the following is an appropriate receive filter to select in order to minimize noise and interference for CW reception?

   T5A07 - 2
   15. Which of the following is a good electrical conductor?

   T5B05 - 1
   16. Which of the following is equivalent to 500 milliwatts?

   T5C08 - 0
   17. What is the formula used to calculate electrical power in a DC circuit?

   T5D04 - 1
   18. What is the resistance of a circuit in which a current of 3 amperes flows through a resistor connected to 90 volts?

   T6A02 - 2
   19. What type of component is often used as an adjustable volume control?

   T6B03 - 2
   20. Which of these components can be used as an electronic switch or amplifier?

   T6C08 - 2
   21. What is component 9 in figure T2?

   T6D11 - 1
   22. Which of the following is a common use of coaxial cable?

   T7A13 - 0
   23. Where is an RF preamplifier installed?

   T7B11 - 2
   24. What is a symptom of RF feedback in a transmitter or transceiver?

   T7C09 - 0
   25. Which of the following is the most common cause for failure of coaxial cables?

   T7D01 - 1
   26. Which instrument would you use to measure electric potential or electromotive force?

   T8A04 - 3
   27. Which type of modulation is most commonly used for VHF and UHF voice repeaters?

   T8B02 - 1
   28. How much transmitter power should be used on the uplink frequency of an amateur satellite or space station?

   T8C05 - 0
   29. What is a grid locator?

   T8D02 - 0
   30. What does the term APRS mean?

   T9A08 - 2
   31. What is the approximate length, in inches, of a quarter-wavelength vertical antenna for 146 MHz?

   T9B03 - 0
   32. Why is coaxial cable used more often than any other feedline for amateur radio antenna systems?

   T0A05 - 2
   33. Why is it unwise to install a 20-ampere fuse in the place of a 5-ampere fuse?

   T0B03 - 3
   34. Under what circumstances is it safe to climb a tower without a helper or observer?

   T0C09 - 1
   35. How can you make sure your station stays in compliance with RF safety regulations?